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  • Me????

    I’m a mum to two darling boys and dutiful wife.
    I had a wonderful upbringing with both my parents and never struggled with my weight, I had great friends and a wonderful social life, I was confident and happy.
    In my early 20’s I fell pregnant with my eldest son and lost my baby weight within weeks. 
    In my late 20’s my weight crept up to a size 14 and I spent a few years yo yo dieting between a size 12 and 14 but I never felt uncomfortable or “big”.
    I met a new partner and became stuck at that 12-14 bracket, longing to lose a few pounds but never really being determined enough.
    After 4 years I fell pregnant with my youngest son and I ate, ate and ate my way through 9 months putting on more and more weight stupidly believing I would lose it all like I did with my eldest .....how wrong could I be!
    Since having my son nearly 3 years ago I’m now stuck at a 16-18 and now it’s d-day!
    I have to lose this weight not just for health reasons or to set a good example to my family.... I want to feel like the me that’s still inside, I want to feel attractive and sexy again, I want to excite my husband not change into sloppies and do everything to avoid bodily contact.

  • My journey starts here ....

    I don’t find it easy yes discuss my issues with diet and food with people in my every day life but I love writing lists and diaries so I’m going to blog everything I eat (good or bad) and how I’m feeling every day until I get to my size 10 target

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